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Fashion Uniforms

Fashionable uniform

Fashionable uniform we specialize in providing different types of uniforms as follows:
- Student uniforms (level 1, 2, 3)
- University Student uniform
- Class uniform (Class uniform, group uniform)
- Pre-school uniform
- Office uniform (Đồng phục công sở nam, nữ)
- Worker uniform
- Security Guard uniform
- Restaurant uniform
- Hotel uniform
- Workwear uniform
- Bank, Aviation uniform
- Reception, attendant uniform
- Hospital, healthcare uniform
- Sale, PG, café uniform
- Sports uniform
- Family uniform
- Ready made uniform
- Cloth uniform (T-shitr, Pull, Corcodiles, Jacket, windbreaker, pair shirts)

- have services of designing and sewing all types of uniform
- Print on uniform, embroider uniform, sew uniform I

eautiful and fashionable uniform is always an advantage

Many years in the field of providing uniform with a team of skilled workers, we are committed to bring our customers the fashionable uniforms at reasonable price and superior after-sales service. With the motto ""Uniforms as intended, Demand met immediately", ", we get advice and delivery across the country.


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