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Uniform designing

We get uniform designs requested by customers with trendy modes, faster design time, reasonable prices, guaranteed quality. Our design team with full experience, creativity and professional will consult and offer the most affordable option for your uniform pattern to make it perfect.

Professional uniform design

Uniform design: W
e specialize in designing the following types of uniforms:
- Workplace Uniforms(office uniform for men and women)
- Worker Uniforms
- School uniform (level 1, level 2, level 3)
- Student Uniforms
- Class Uniform (Class shirt, group shirt)
-  Protection
- Restaurant Uniforms
- Hotel Uniforms
- Workwear Uniforms
-  Banks, airlines
-  Receptionist, attendant
- Hospital  - Medical
Sales, PG, café Uniform
- Uniform shirt (T-shirts, shirts, crocodile shirt, coats, jackets, couple shirt)

Uniform Design


In addition to designing and sewing uniforms, we also:
- Providing all types of ready made uniform, especially  delivery after 1h in Hanoi, daily delivery with other provinces.
- Providing products as gifts, promotional gifts such as towels, chiffon, tissue types, gloves, socks, hats ...
- Get in uniform, printing and embroidering logo as required ...

With the motto
"Uniforms like that, demand is served right", we consult and deliver goods nationwide. Customers wishing to design, order clothes, uniforms, please contact us for advice and the best service!

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